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I'm back with more FST lurvin....
Downloadable music inside.
Comment if you download pleasez!

NejiTen [Let It All Down: Blindspot]

NaruHina [Notice Me]

SasuSaku [Frosted Hesitation]

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Leave comments please!

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3 FST's

I know you all hate me, and I'm annoying, XD, but I come bearing 3 FST's

Comment if you download please. ;3

NejiTen - See My Noise, Hear My Color

NaruHina - Sunshine's Shadow


SasuSaku - Coat In The Back Of The Closet

I'm a tad too lazy to give three dissertations... so I'll stick to none.

Any questions, leave a comment.


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Splendid Mediocracy: A NejiTen FST

I bear FST goodness!

.01. 30 Seconds to Mars - Capricorn
.02. Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (PB mix)
.03. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s - Maps
.04. The Orange Peel – Something In You
.05. Tegan & Sara - Walking With A Ghost In Paris
.06. KT Tunstall - Stoppin The Love
.07. Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine
.08. BoA - My Name
.09. 702 - Star
.10. Mariah Carey – Fly Like A Bird
.11. Misato Aki - Kimi ga Sora Datta
.12. Paolo Nutini - Last Request
.13. 30 Seconds to Mars – Modern Myth
.14. Rama Duke - We Rise
.15. KT Tunstall - Silent Sea

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Please comment about the FST, need to know if it's good or not.
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NejiTen Festival FTW!

there is a nuggety niceness in the middle... i think...

1 Piece of Art[Mystery]
7 Ficlets [Waking Up][Lips][Newton][Fpsoche Madden Heels][Harmony of Denial][Hair][Close Your Mouth]
1 Multi Chapter Story [Jungle]
1 FST/11 Songs [Private Laughter][Spring Summer Feeling][She Wants To Move][Ready For Love][This Love][Shiver][Shimmer][Cotton Candy][Got You][Nosizwe][Slide]
7 Ficlets
+ 1 FST
+ 1 Multi Chap
+ 1 Piece of Art
= 10 for 10 completion! XD

Links to ALL dowloadable music & fics at top!

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sexy love

I'm astonished.

No. I'm REALLY shocked at my self.

I ACTUALLY like the last two episodes, 197 & 198 of the Naruto filler.

Possible FILLER spoilers.

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New... but not really... xD

Life has been weird.

//Current Playlist (Most courtesy of an FST from FatedHeaven)

~ Foo Fighters - Best of You
~ Aslyn - Be the Girl
~ Bonnie Pink - Private Laughter
~ Vertical Horizon - You're A God
~ Rell f/ Kanye West - Real Love
~ Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment
~ Three Doors Down - Kryptonite
~ Mos Def - Life Is Real
~ The Massmissle - Ima Made Nandomo
~ FLOW - GO!!!
~ Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me
~ Aqualung - Brighter Than the Sunshine
~ Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Haruka Kanata
~ Tonic ~ If You Could Only See
~ Jennifer Paige - Crush
~ Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life
~ Pretty Ricky - Grind On Me



I HAVE honed a passion for the NejiTen community though XD!

Guess I'll start out with a little about me.

I'm a black chic who writes poetry and is transisting from secondary education to POST secondary education! [high school to college].
I'll be attending UNF in the fall.
I'm a novice otaku! Current obsessions are revamping my Bleach, DN Angel, Naruto, Steel Angel, This Ugly & Beautiful World, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, Evagelion collections!

I would love to learn how to read kanji out of all the Japanese writing styles.

I wish I knew more about the culture... so I'm going to take an Asian studies class this fall. although I dont feel that would do it justice, it's a start. I'm saving up money to go across seas one day. Hopefully

Baptist Christian with a realist streak.
I'm shockingly pessimistic, but bluntness is the way of the world.

CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, I dont like much rap unless its undeground, or neo-rap. Some exceptions apply. That's because I'm offended by the demeaning comments and actions my own race uses to opress each other. I'm not a junkie,
but I dabble in MySpace.

Holla back, because yelling is fun!
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